Newsletter 28th April 2020 – Surveillance Camera Behaviour Analytics

This month we are looking at Surveillance Camera Behaviour Analytics, different manufacturers have varied specifications and naming of these, but they all do the uniformed same thing. Cameras come with one or more analytics depending on the cost as to what can be achieved.

With all these technologies of detection an alert can be raised, this that can be in many forms, a few being email, APP notification or audio response. However, if you can think of a logical reaction you would want from a camera detection, in all probability it can be made to happen.

Basic Motion Detection

A camera with the motion detection is a little unsophisticated compared to other forms of detection, the camera is supplying an image which the NVR (Network Video Recorder) or DVR (Digital Video Recorder) sees as an algorithm, when something changes in that algorithm the DVR determines this as a motion event. A flower swaying in the wind causes pixels in the image to change, having the algorithm change, making the DVR/NVR think that motion has occurred. Or in the picture a baby moving in the cot. The rest of the room is ignored.

Line Crossing – Directional

Line Crossing detection is basically an imaginary line seen during configuration but not seen in general view. That if crossed in either or one direction by an object will cause an alert. Line crossing is a useful tool for exit into an entry or entry into an exit or perimeter. A monitoring and protecting application.

A close up of a street

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Smart AI – Object Definition

These vary as the moving object the camera is detecting and alerting for, can be one or a combination of Human, Small Animal, Large Animal, Car, Van or Lorry. Prompting an alert.  This technology come under a variety of names defined by each manufacturer.

People counting

Basically, the camera can count the number people that enter and exit from a set location. The real time count can be displayed on the available monitors.

Smart Network Camera - People Counting

Heat detection – Thermal

These cameras are in demand currently in public spaces and are being used for finding individuals with an elevated temperature signalling a possible case of COVID 19. A medical thermometer should be used after to confirm, but the cameras have an accuracy of plus or minus .3 or.5 of a degree. The camera can be set to only look at faces and ignore a cup of coffee that a person is holding and then not generating a false alarm.

A picture containing indoor, colorful, standing, girl

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Scene Change Direction

Is a behaviour analysis simplistically if someone changes the camera viewing direction so the camera views a different scene, the camera will trigger alerts of the event.

Heat Detection – Heat Mapping

Heap mapping displays a virtual map to reveal the concentration of people that have lingered in each area. The map has different colours and the colour level represents the crowed concentration, red means high concentration, blue means low concentration. within a set time range, using heat mapping can track shoppers for example, interest, and shows which areas shoppers do not care about. This is of interest to shop managers in improving the business by rearranging the products. Or this can be used to show which employees are at their workstation for longest and if there is a general person that has more frequent visits from other colleagues.

Smart Network Camera - Heat Map

Face Detection

Face detection is just that if the algorithm determines that what the camera is viewing has a human face, then it will take a snapshot and save it to the hard drive and raise alerts if required.

A blurry photo of a person

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Tamper detection is used to detect possible tampering like the camera being obstructed or moved. The alert triggers immediately when any of the mentioned actions occur. 

Regional Exit or Entry

Region entrance helps to safeguard a separate area from within the view of the camera, potential threat of suspicious person’s or object’s entrance. An alert will be triggered when objects enter the selected regions by enabling region entrance. Region exiting is to make sure that any person or object will not exit the area which is being monitored. Any exit of people or objects will trigger an alert.

Intrusion Detection – Directional

A predefined area is selected in the camera view, square or rectangular, movement in this area will trigger an alert. Also, you can set the area to allow entry and exit within a pre-set time, if no exit is made within the set time then this will activate an alert. The latter is useful in traffic situations at a boxed no stopping junction.

Loitering – People or Unattended Baggage

If objects are loitering in a specified area for a specific period, the system will trigger an alert.  minimum setting loitering time can be set, this can eliminate false alerts, any objects loitering in the selected area over the minimum loitering time will trigger the alert. And loitering allows object size to be set. Only the object bigger than the set size will trigger the alert.

A picture containing indoor, small, office, table

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Item/Object Removed

This would be the reverse of the LOITERING in the sense that objects are highlighted in a camera view and if removed then an alert is sent.

ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition

These cameras are normally a dedicated camera, as the name suggest it recognises number plates and accordingly activates a response whether that just be taking a snapshot and logging the number plate or operating an output and lifting a barrier to allow entry or exit. These cameras are not the stingiest priced of systems, but the cost is coming down with serverless standalone systems.

A car driving down a street

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Mini Biometric Fingerprint Padlock

Suitable for locking a host of things including that laptop case or luggage not that anyone is going anywhere in this current climate of things.

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