Newsletter 28th March 2021 – Hikvision Remote Solar Powered 4G Camera

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This month we will discuss the long awaited remote self-powered professional camera by Hikvision. No power, no network no longer an issue.

The camera kit was launched in December 2020. Strong creation means it will weather strong winds etc and of course is IP67 rated.


It boasts a 40watt solar panel to top up the 20ampere battery which when fully charged will sustain the camera for 7 days in cloudy or rainy weather. The system will detect power levels and automatically modify to power saving mode when power is low.


The kit consists of a 4G camera, a battery, a solar panel, and bracket.


The camera video performance is 2MP @ 25frames per second (fps).

It has the option of 2.8/4/8mm lens to cater for the scenario of the scene.

All that is good and well but how are you going to see the images, well within the kit is a 4G network sim card to transmit that image data.

The infrared illumination is 30 meters for night vision.  


This can be viewed using HikConnect, HikCentral or using a third-party email.


This would be a prospect for securing isolated sites like Construction Sites, Remote Buildings, Farms and many more situations.


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