Newsletter 28th August 2021 – New Pyronix Enforcer V11 & Devices


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The Pyronix Enforcer V11 control panel was introduced in August 2021, predecessor was the V10 Software Version, this panel development was under scrutiny for some time, with the end user use at the forefront of the minds of the R & D department. It comes with the capability of using Android Tablets & Smart Plugs.


Control Panel


Built in Wi-Fi card with new WPS for easier network connection. This is available in the Engineer or Manager User Menu, so that change of broadband router is not a major event.

Comes as standard WiFi communicator bolted to the main PCB, meaning that there is room for a second form of communication either LAN (ethernet) or GPRS (sim card).


New software version menu structure to be considered when installing or maintaining a Version 11 panel.


Android Tablet

Android Tablet can be used to control the system. A maximum of four tablets can be connnected to a control panel.

Mobile or desk or wall mounted so long as on the Local Area Network (LAN) of any residential or business property, the android tablet allows users to control their system and surf the web with the usual features associated with a tablet.

Highly secure encryption – Because the HCH APP goes through Pyronix Cloud it is highly encrypted.

Keeping Use easy When using the Android Tablet Pyronix recommend forcing the tablet to keep its screen awake in the Android OS settings. If not, should the tablet lose the panel for a few seconds then the tablet will go into standby rather than recovering the connection. With the time out turned off in settings, the tablet screen will stay on until the connection is restored, which could be automatic when the router reboots and the user won’t notice any issues.

Go into SETTINGS (cog icon)

Display (Half Sun Icon)

Sleep – Set this to Never

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HomeControlHUB APP (HCH APP)


Full control of the system through the interactive touchscreen keypad.

Alarm verification.

Easily switch between the control panel and cameras for quick verification of events.

Control of Smart Plugs.


Available for Pyronix Android Tablets, because not every tablet is compatible it is advisable to buy Pyronix.


Ring sounder button – Beauty of HomeControlHub, you hear something or see something suspicious there is a button on the APP lets the user activate loud, audible external sirens that sound for 15 seconds to scare potential trespassers.


Live monitoring with HD cameras

Camera integration

Add cameras to HomeControlHub to fetch a complete video solution into one platform total awareness of the property. View existing ProControl+ or Hik-Connect camera accounts, these can be shared to the HCH APP for easy viewing through HomeControlHub APP.

Live and recorded & split-screen viewing. Micro SD card slot available so you can also record or take snapshots. Users have the capability to listen in or speak using microphone-enabled cameras.

The live screen view can be shifted from observing 1 camera stream to 4, 9, 12 or 16.


Smart Plug Integration

WiFi enabled Smart Plug to activate devices around your property, create scenes that activate at a set time, or the touch of a button to simply switch devices on and off.


Schedules & Actions – Scenes

Are available through the HCH APP and can be tailored to your requirements.



For all this to be successful an end user should just create an End User Pyronix Cloud account to enable the HCH APP.


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