Newsletter 28th June 2022 – Pyronix Expander UR2-WE

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This month we will have a look at the new and improved Pyronix UR2-WE wireless expander.

This is not only for Pyronix equipment, but it will also enable any wired intruder alarm control panel that has a minimum 2 spare zone to have wireless detectors added to it.


For the wired control panel to be compatible it also must have an arm and disarm output.


You can add a maximum of 10 Pyronix wireless detectors per channel and the expander has two channels.

Pyronix Wireless Passive Infrared Detector


Or you could add a maximum of 6 Pyronix HUD/MED (hold up device/medical Keyfobs). Per channel.

Pyronix HUD/MED-WE Keyfobs


It would be powered by the existing control panel and in case of mains failure the backup battery from the existing panel would support the expander.

Pyronix UR2-WE Wireless Expander


Dual frequency is now the normal with Pyronix wireless systems meaning that if the frequency it is using is being jammed it will switch to its alternate frequency.


The display on the front enables you to identify each detector as you walk test or after an alarm activation. As well, if a detector has a low battery.


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