Newsletter 28th November 2020 – I Q Panel

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This month we will discuss Qolsys I Q panel 2

Johnson Control acquired Qolsys who have partnered with Qualcomm, Android, Foxconn & All together they have formed a technology partnership to enhance the I Q Panel

I Q panel was first distributed in 2012 in 2015 Johnson Control acquired Qolsys and inherited the I Q panel.

This is no Toys R Us alarm system it is a very professional system, Silicon Valley has come to Europe. It is a Grade 2 control panel. The IQ Panel2 is suitable for use in systems installed to conform to PD6662:2017 at Grade 2 and environmental Class I. BS8243:2010 + A1:2014.  and EN 50131 standards. The panel is advanced, and every thought has gone into its possible use, incorporating Security, Observation, Access Control, Wellness Monitoring & Home Automation.

The control panel can be wall mounted or desk top mounted for convenience.


With the built in 5-megapixel camera, Facial Recognition of who armed or disarmed the system. If remotely disarmed by your phone with Bluetooth touchless technology that determines if you are at you home location and automatically arms or disarms the system, then the camera will take a picture of movement after these events. It will also if part of your system unlock/lock locks turn lights on/off and change the temperature of the house because you are home or have just left.

A 24-hour backup battery in the event of mains failure, the system will still perform its functions.

Built into the control panel is a Break Glass detector an added bonus to the system.

Home Control Screen

Wellness Monitoring Screen

6 Wireless Radios

Power G – Security devices that use this technology for example Visonic, DSC, and many more of Johnson control security devices, so an upgrade of the panel does not necessarily mean a new complete system.

The system has hardwired compatibility so again you will not need to replace your whole hardwired system just the control panel

Z Wave – Home Automation interaction with lights and locks and thermostats.



4G & WiFi are both your signalling paths to your smartphone for notifications or to the Alarm Receiving Centre who will alert the relevant authorities of a condition or just a keyholder to pop in and overview a possible situation.

ARC can talk through the panel utilising camera and audio to ascertain the event

Dual signalling – Simultaneous 4G or WiFi not backup path. The panel is forever monitoring the paths and will decide which path will signal quickest.

However, as a principle and cost effective for the efficiency of the system the following rules apply.

Voice messages transmit through 4G

Images messages transmit through WiFi

Updates transmit through WiFi

Bluetooth Utilizing geo fencing creating a virtual geographic boundary over an area by means of GPS or RFID technology, enabling the control panel to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves the area.

RF Security legacy security devices can be incorporated into this panel either of the following frequency devices can be used.

319Mhz – 345Mhz – 433Mhz. Allowing integration with some other manufacturer’s devices.


Software Updates

Software Updates, Qolsys are growing the data base of integration of devices compatible with the

You get a message on your control panel when an update is available.



Integration of firmware equipped cameras can be viewed from the main control panel screen or three other sub control panel screens.


Photo Frame

Lastly the control panel when not being used the screen doubles as a photo frame so it blends into your environment.

Here is a link to a YouTube video with the functionality of the I Q Panel

Or just type “Choose IQ Panel” in the search bar of

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