Newsletter 28th May 2022 – Eaton New Equipment & Lowered Price

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This month we will have a brief look at what’s new at Scantronic and if you are a regular reader, you will know that Scantronic are now owned by Eaton after the acquisition a few years ago.




I-on 40H control panel has had a price decrease making it an excellent time to upgrade your control panel and keypad for a hybrid system giving you the option of wireless or wired or both. Plus, you could have the smartphone APP Eaton SecureConnect giving you control of, and notifications from, your system.


i-on 40H Control Panel & Keypad

The i-on 40H comes with 10 wired zones & 30 radio zones built into the control panel, in conjunction with ethernet port for wired connection to router for internet access. Alternatively, you could install a Communication Device as discussed below.

At the moment the price of things are going up not down so make sure you take advantage of Eaton’s generosity before the price increases again.
Com Data WiFi – (coming soon)
This WiFi communication device added to your system enables you to have the Eaton SecureConnect APP. Also, it enables those troublesome broadband router changes to be simplified. The end user (User 1) can connect their system to their broadband router by going through the keypad menu, Select SSID, enter password for that SSID, and your connected.
Com Data 4G WiFi – (coming soon)
As per the above communication device, except that it has an additional back up path of a 4G Sim card, so when you have a mains power failure, and your broadband router is offline then the panels backup battery will power the communication device and you still have full control and receive notifications.

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