Newsletter 28th October 2021 – Is your video doorbell too intrusive?

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This month will be looking at the privacy of video doorbell and surveillance cameras.

Is your neighbour’s privacy being invaded?


A court in the UK has ruled that a user of a Ring video doorbell has invaded a neighbour’s privacy and he could face paying the other party £100,000 as a consequence of this.


The person who owned the Ring doorbell actually had 4 of these devices around his property (maybe a cheaper form of surveillance cameras protecting property and vehicles).


The female Judge concluded that data had been collected outside of boundaries of his property. Meaning that anyone that videos contains people outside the boundaries of their property could be accused of breaching data protection laws of the privacy of that person.


Remember those little stickers that you throwed away warning people that they were being captured on video, well they are actually very valuable as this alerts people that they are being videoed.


You should remember that these devices also capture audio very well and this is also data.

Ring said “We’ve put features in place across all our devices to ensure privacy, security, and user control remains front and centre. Including customisable Privacy Zones to block out ‘off limit’ areas. Motion Zones to control the areas customers want their devices to detect motion, and Audio Toggle to turn audio on and off”.  


This has never been a problem in the commercial or public sector as ample warning signs of being observed by cameras are in place.



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