Newsletter 28th May 2020 – Fever Screening Solutions

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Prevention is better than cure, there are many systems manufactured in the marketplace, but they basically do the same thing. Which is detecting someone with a temperature that is higher than normal. The operation of detection takes 1 second to evaluate. It would be better if the individuals were funneled to face the camera, sometimes this is not possible.



You have the handheld person scanner that will do individuals one at a time. This is held one meter away from an individual and simply point at the face and it will take a reading of the persons temperature.


These systems consist of a camera this can be mounted on a wall, or on a tripod or part of a barrier.

Three types of detection are used with some systems

  • Temperature
  • Facial Recognition
  • Temperature & facial recognition


*Principle of thermal cameras by Dan Hawkins from Hikvision.

What the principle of thermal cameras is that any object with a temperature above absolute zero, will emit a detectable amount of radiation. Thermal cameras convert IR radiation into grayscale values and matches grayscale values with the temperature values through an algorithm model.

Normal thermal cameras detecting radiation temperature threshold probably around minus 20 degrees up to positive 550 degrees. These have an accuracy possible of minus 2 degrees or 8 degrees.

Temperature screening thermal cameras with high-temperature accuracy can help detect elevated body temperatures which may indicate the presence of a fever, these cameras can be used for temperature screening of traveller’s shopper’s office workers as well as security.



Fever screening thermal cameras, the threshold is reduced to between 30 and 45 degrees this increases the accuracy to 0.5 degrees. Or if using a BlackBody Calibrator then this improves the accuracy to 0.3 of a degree.

BlackBody Calibrator ensures the accuracy of the viewing thermal screening camera it emits a constant temperature that the camera uses as a reference to check itself.

Most screening solution cameras will look at the face of a person or persons in the view, so avoiding a cup of coffee that someone might be holding and determine what their body temperature is. These cameras are accurate to 0.3 to 0.5 of a degree which is quite accurate. It should be mentioned that if the system is triggered then a second temperature reading should be taken using a medical thermometer.

These systems need time to warm up and accustom themselves to the environment, so it is suggested switching the system on 30-45 minutes prior to use.

It is also suggested for the best performance that these systems are internal for accuracy of temperature.

These systems can alert you in various ways, Voice prompt from the terminal, APP notification on a smartphone, PC notification, and much more.

If this pandemic cannot be controlled, then we might see these as a common installation in public areas.

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