Newsletter 28th July 2022  – CDVI iface by IEVO

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This month we will have a look at CDVI’s iface facial recognition terminal. Biometrics is a advancement that is taking the security industry to new levels.


CDVI have been one of the leaders globally of the access control industry. In 2020 the acquisition of IEVO was completed. IEVO are a UK based biometrics recognition solutions manufacturer. The combination of CDVI & IEVO has put CDVI in a great place with their range of access control, door automation and locking products.




The terminal can be mounted on a wall, on a desktop or additional sightings.


The terminal has 2 cameras, one for facial recognition (visible) & one for detection (NIR). Highly precise & secure biometric facial recognition.

NIR (Near InfraRed) Automatic capture of people & integrated fake
face detection (anti-spoofing)

How NIR work in the sense of a fake face? It Would be a case of a mask being worn of a particular person’s face (clone) the facial temperature is lower than a normal human face because of the mask, meaning the near infrared would not be as visible and reject identification.

Electromagnetic-spectrum-Showing-IR-divided-into-the-far-mid-and-near-regions-and-their colours


High speed face matching (takes 1 second to recognise and grant access)

Memory for up to 20,000 templates/users, more users can be utilised under a set condition. Logging a new user to the system takes about 5 seconds.

Layout description

Also built into this unit is a MIFARE® DESFire® card reader giving a secure 2nd authentication and then a Pin could also be used as a 2nd authentication for granting access.

Authentication to grant access can be (1) Face only, (2) Face or card,
(3) Face and PIN, Card and face, Card and PIN.


This terminal can be used as a standalone unit or integrated into a third-party access system

The terminal uses either a Lan connection or a sim card with data to initiate its connection to the LAN (Local Area Network) and further.



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