Newsletter 29th April 2021 – Cloud Video Recording

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This month we will discuss Cloud Video Storage with a general look but also looking at VIDEOLOFT Adapters. VIDEOLOFT was created in September 2019 and came from a company called MANYTHING which was founded in 2012. They are a UK & USA based company.

Cloud video has been around for quite some time now, you have dedicated systems that use maybe a memory card and cloud, or systems that use a memory card a DVR or NVR with an addition of a cloud server.


A centralized device manager

Remote access to cameras at any time, all through one centralized platform, either via Videoloft’s camera mobile app or website camera viewer.


Protected & secure offsite backup

Videoloft offers flexible & affordable cloud storage plans for cameras ranging from 7 days to 3+ years. All video securely stored in the Videoloft cloud.

APP that comes with Cloud servers will mean that you have a second app to verify your system maybe at the expense of your existing system APP



Having your images/video in the cloud mean that even if your NVR or DVR (recorder) fails then you can still retrieve the images.

  • Uniview
  • Hikvision
  • Dahua
  • Axis

The Videoloft adapter is compatible with the above NVRs or DVRs.

You will need an IP based system to enable the Cloud server to capture and transmit to the cloud the video images.

Third-party Compatibility

Videoloft is harmonious with a wide range of camera brands via ONVIF. They have tested cameras from the following brands:

Amcrest – Bosch – H-View – Onwote – Panasonic – Sony – Uniview – Vivotek – Wisenet – Uniview – Hikvision – Dahua – Axis.

Videoloft support devices with ONVIF profiles S and T but recommend testing your specific device as there is little consistency in the way that different brands implement the ONVIF standards.

You have had a system for many years, but you do not have use of modern analytics, not a problem an additional box (cloud server) can be added to your system and like magic you have a system that gives more accurate alarm alerts. This is a general description of what you can have you should check with the manufacturer for exact analytics.

Advanced customizable video analytics

Videoloft analytics renovate cameras with object detection and text recognition, allowing for smart searching and alerting. This is an optional free add-on feature. 

True ease-of-use – with advance video tools that are intuitive and accessible for every level of user, whether that’s senior managers and general administrators to trained, front-line security operators.

4K cloud storage

Record up to 4K video either consecutive to the cloud from your cameras or alongside your local recorder.

Live camera health monitoring

Videoloft will alert the end user and their security professional if their camera goes offline. Presume cameras are recording with Videoloft’s live camera health monitoring.


Videoloft Adapter


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