Newsletter 28th July 2021 – The forgotten element of intruder alarm systems

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Batteries can be the forgotten element of a wired intruder alarms as they are hidden away in the control panel and on average last five years. The backup battery is a crucial ingredient to these security systems because they are only used at vital moments, ensuring your system is carrying out its task during these times. It is also important that the battery is of the correct specification to sustain the system for the minimum 12 or 24 hours that the standards specify.


Lead Acid (rechargeable) 7amphere Battery


Trickle charged by the mains (240 volts) and ready to takeover in case of power failure. The above can be found in wired intruder, fire and access control systems.

If not replaced on a cycle of about every five years, they can do immense damage to the main control panel, and this could lead to you having to replace the main circuit board of the control panel as well as the battery.


Wireless intruder alarm systems use a mix of Alkaline, Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)-(white), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)-(green), and Lithium (blue) batteries depending on Manufacturer of the system. (Yuasa colour types).


YU-Lite Range

At Elite Security Systems predominantly the use of Yuasa batteries as they have a proven track record of resilience and performance.  


NiMh Batteries


NiCd Batteries 


Yuasa introduced the YU-Lite range that is designed for use in emergency lighting, wireless security, where longer life and constancy are critical.

NiCd and NiMH battery types, granting for greater system design flexibility.


The YU-Lite Lithium range is made up of primary cells of professional specification for residential & industrial usage including the popular CR2 and CR132A sizes.

Yuasa YU-Lite Range




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