Newsletter 28th September 2021 – Videx, IPURE IP Range of Door Entry Systems

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Videx are an Italian company, who fabricate their door entry systems in Italy. They have a global footprint as they export to over 45 countries and having offices in over seven of these countries including the UK.



The IPURE IP door entry range can be expandable from 1 to 10,000 apartments.

 1 to 42 Apartments using conventional call button modules.


Or if using a digital call panel up to 10,000 Apartments.


Voice annunciation to guide visitors during the call process and proximity access control, is available for all entrance panels.


DEVICES – Each Apartment can have up to 16 devices. Monitors included are

7” handsfree touchscreen video

3.5” handsfree touchscreen video

Both of the above are also available with a handset

Or just an audio handset

If no monitors required, then you just install a Cloudbox in each apartment and this will link your apartment to your smartphone APP. Alternatively smartphones will be connected using the monitor installed in the apartment.

Typical wiring configuration of a basic POE System


“Videx CloudNected Client APP”

When the system is connected to the cloud allowing users of the iOS and Android apps to accept or reject calls, view entrance panels with video and activate any of the outputs, from anywhere in the world.


The IP based system is managed over a simple PC wizard programme which allows the engineer to completely modify and tailor the system to the building’s requirements. The wizard will also advise of any new firmware available.



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