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Covid 19 has affected all our lives in one way or another. The government’s Covid 19 secure guidelines with Paxton’s Net 2 System incorporating NEW Occupancy Management is a solution for many workplaces and could be used almost anywhere.

Paxton one of the leading access control manufacturers who are based in Brighton, well known for their Net 2 and Net 10 systems as well as standalone systems. They have been established for over 35 years.


The Net 2 PRO software system has a new feature available in Version 6.04 and above software.

The occupancy management was designed with the use of government guidelines on Covid 19 and reducing the risk for employers. The guidelines have 8 main parts, 6 of which can be applied to access control.

1.1 Managing risk

3.1 Coming to and leaving work

3.2 Moving around buildings and sites

4 Managing visitors, customers, and contractors

7.1 Shift patterns & working groups

8 Inbound & Outgoing goods and surface transmission

 These are managed with four simple solutions

  1. Contactless access control.

Use of standard proximity readers (in) and or infrared exit buttons (out).

Gates/shutters at goods in can be operated automatically at a distance, goods placed then gate/ shutter shut reducing risk.  

    2. Flexible Access Permissions

Staggered start and finish times avoiding large congregations.

Only allow access to specific approved people at their scheduled time.

Enforcing different entry and exit points for specific departments.

Creating of a one-way system.

    3. Occupancy Management

A new feature for version 6.04 and above, Net 2 Pro system software.

Restricts max number of people in an area or building, this can set and defined.

Email notification to departments or management alerting of the values.

Live reports, via a browser so can be used on many digital devices. A traffic light system on entry could be replicated giving access or denying access.

    4. Thermal Scanning Integration

Integration with third party thermal access control scanners.

Preventing access and preventing infection, also if scanners incorporated throughout the building then if someone becomes a risk while in the building, they could be isolated.


3rd party readers


All employers have a duty of care to reduce risk in the workplace by taking preventative measures.

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