Newsletter 28th August 2020 – Tap GateWay (SMS) service number changing once again

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This month we will discuss the messaging alerts sent from specifically intruder alarm systems, the changes that have occurred, there used to be various suppliers of these numbers Vodafone who used to be the main supplier but relinquished this product a few years ago.


Due to changes on 1st October 2019 Ofcom regulations said, 070 Numbers will no longer available after to OpenTap which forced suppliers of OpenTap to change to an 09 premium number.

Now the supplier to OpenTap suppliers who supply to the security industry are having to supply a NEW number due to the initial supplier changing their commodities. Switch off date of the current number is 31st September 2020. Before the Ofcom changes the industry enjoyed 20 years+ with the same number. This is frustrating to the industry and our suppliers, not only for the owners of security systems.

TAP is the industry-standard protocol for sending text messages to mobile phones using a dialup modem and a standard PSTN phone line. The system uses a PSTN (public service telephone network) then to a server TAPgateway which then relays the message to mobile phones as text messages.

A 2 in 1 service can also be completed, TAP to SMS mobile text messaging and for unfailing backup in case of a mobile network downtime, TAP to Email as well, sending you message alerts to your registered email address. So having SMS and Email alerts means total coverage uptime. Each SMS Alert message will cost you approximately £0.35 depending on your provider.

Please note that OpenTAP itself will not be affected by the BT PSTN and ISDN phase-out! This will take place by 2025, Although a new module will be needed to be installed into the system to accommodate the VOIP lines that will take place of PSTN & ISDN.

BT WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH EXISTING PHONELINES? Well BT are looking to switch over all phonelines to VOIP by 2025 but this might not be achieved within time. They are working hard to replace copper cables with fibre-optic cable.



Have dedicated RJ45 ports for connecting to your LAN (local area network) or Broadband, message alerts are normally free (£0.00) through the manufacturers Smartphone APP. This has nothing to do with your PSTN line.

Also, there are other forms of communication available. 

Texcom Connect APP

Eaton SecureConnect APP

Honeywell Total Connect APP

Pyronix Hikvision ProControl+ APP


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Wired control panel – 10 zones onboard to a maximum 50 zones to 200 zones– APP compatible

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