Newsletter 28th May 2021 – EVVA AirKey Electronic Locks & Systems

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What is an EVVA Airkey and who are EVVA?       


EVVA develops and manufactures mechanical and electronic access control systems. Since its establishment in Vienna in 1919, EVVA has always been a family-owned business, exporting their products around the world.


Turn your smartphone into an electronic key  

AirKey Cylinder

The new electronic cam lock can be compliantly adapted depending on the fitting situation thanks to the shorter cylinder length. The fixed cam (FVS) is also a new feature. Here the thumb turn is blocked when the cam lock is disengaged. In addition, any locking operation as part of this function is logged meeting the requirements with data protection regulations.

They can be ordered and delivered in three variants with MB19, MB22 and MB27 thread diameters.

AirKey Hybrid Cylinder

Uses, such as lockers in sports facilities, pharmaceuticals cabinets, display cases with valuable contents at jewellers’ or even, letterboxes in residential developments or distributor cabinets.

AirKey Cylinder – Are IP Rated (waterproof) so suitable for outdoor or indoor use. They have plug pulling and drill resistance, rotary damper and a secure element to ensure secure data archiving.

The cylinders can be locked or unlocked by a variety of key types including your smartphone.

These come in different solutions to adapt to the job at hand, here are other solutions.

AirKey Benefits – include being able to send keys to smartphones online, using the Web based software or FREE APP which you are also able to view the log, set schedule times for entry and other administration of locks. These using a WiFi signal can be installed in small to complex buildings. Quality is assured along with data security developed in Austria. Holding ISO 9001 certification the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS).



AirKey Lever Cylinder




AirKey Padlock



AirKey – the electronic locking system from EVVA at a glance – YouTube

Airkey for Business – YouTube


 AirKey Wall Readers

Electronic locking components already in place can be incorporated using AirKey Wall Readers and a control unit, the readers can be installed indoors or outdoors. Granting access to lifts, sliding doors and swing doors etc.


Thanks to its modular design the AirKey range are easy to install and manage the software. See the below link for installation & commissioning video.



EVVA AirKey software tutorial – commissioning / installation (EN) – YouTube  




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