Newsletter 28th August 2019 – Honeywell 30 series – CCTV IP Surveillance – People analytics

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This month’s newsletter is centred around people analytics, the 30 Series of
International Incorporated, a conglomerate company that has a revenue of $40.53 Billion and 131,000 employees across the globe.

Fixed eyeball HC30WExR3

People analytics is standard on the 30 series of Honeywell cameras. This allows for less false alarms reducing waste data on the hard drive and better efficient use of the hard drive.
The cameras come in a 2- or 5-megapixel formats. Night vision from 20 to 50-meter infrared range.
The 30 Series contribution suits all small-to-medium businesses. I also see these cameras installed in residential as well because of the analytic. It will be of benefit for those that want to reduce their liability cost and their total cost of ownership – ensuring complete compliance with all industry standards and regulations.


Fixed bullet HC30WBxR1

The secure channel encryption characteristic helps protect all data that is communicated from one device to another. This includes mutually configuration and video data and is made possible by using Transport Layer Security (TLS) – meaning that a non-permissioned user cannot capture the stream or data from the camera to the NVR. Or from the NVR to the APP.

MAXPRO NVRs, Performance Series NVRs and ADPRO solutions integrate with the 30 series cameras
The 30 Series provides exceptional picture clarity at minimal bandwidth whilst offering maximum protection IP66 rated.
From complete area coverage with fisheye cameras to high resolution True Day/Night cameras for any scenario.


Fisheye Camera


ADVANCED DETECTION = MOTION PEOPLE DETECTION. Advanced motion detection compared with traditional motion detection which only detects pixel changes and generally has a higher false alarm rate. Every flower that is blown by the wind is not transferred into a notification. Motion people detection is designed to detect people and will only generate an alarm when the object is recognized as a person. People Detection detects, and traces people motions in tailored windows. If motion from a person is detected, a flashing red window will frame the head of the person and follow the motion of that person

Some of the options these cameras offer is;
• Remote configuration, motorized zoom adjustments and auto focus via web client or from the NVR • Multiple mounting options to support a wide range of security applications

Special Offer

Scantronic 30EXDKP intruder control panel
Wired control panel & remote keypad – 10 zones onboard, 30 zone maximum – Built in PSTN modem enabling SMS texts of Alerts and Notifications of status of the system

Figure 1 – i-on 30 control panel

Figure 2- remote keypad Key-KP01

Purchase price £177.00

Installed price as a replacement to your existing control panel and keypad
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