Newsletter 28th July 2019 – Visonic PM 360R, Intruder & Home Automation Control Panel

Visonic Power Master 360R intruder alarm system with Home Automation

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This month Elite visited Visonic at Tyco’s London office for training on the wireless PowerMaster 360R, a grade 2 intruder alarm control panel. You may remember that Visonic & Tyco are owned By Johnson Control from the October 2018 Newsletter.

This control panel has the usual Visonic PowerMaster PowerG technology for wireless communication between detectors and sounders.

It is a security and safety control panel with Z wave capability for home automation. Enabling security and home automation on one platform
It also boasts a built-in WiFi communicator to enable control of the system using Visonic GO APP using either iOS or Android Smartphones. The panel also has a built-in RJ45 port for hardwiring to the LAN


Also built in is a GSM communicator for your sim card applications i.e. APP, Text messages.
The Hub comes with a plug in 13amp PSU or a separate PSU can be installed in a single gang pattress with blanking plate. And has a backup battery that can sustain the panel for the industry standard 12 hours.

The PM 360R has a touch screen keypad, its small size means it can be hidden away and controlled by remote keypad or remote keyfobs.




The panel has the capability for splitting the system into Partitions, with a variation that would suit many different types of site locations. i.e.
Ground floor offices = Partition 1
1st floor offices = Partition 2
2nd floor offices = Partition 3
Each partition can be armed separately using partitional specified user codes. Incorporating 3 systems in 1 control panel. External sounders can be allocated to each partition.

All of the powermaster range with Power G technology.
The restyled internal passive infrared detector.

Amongst the new things Visonic have created is the wireless advanced outdoor curtain PIR detector giving an extra layer of protection and early warning for windows, doors, bi-fold doors, balconies, driveways and almost any other type of entrance way. This powerful detector projects a narrow protective shield over the area to be protected. Pet immune is an option as well.

Wireless Outdoor Curtain PIR Detector

Wireless Visonic smoke detectors can also be linked to the system, the detectors will interlink for the application of an additional internal sounder, also for the sounding alert of smoke.

Wireless CO2 & Natural gas detectors are also available.

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