Elite Newsletter 24th May 2018 – Monitoring of Intruder & CCTV Systems

Newsletter 24th May 2018

Monitoring – What is it about – A brief description


Remote alarm monitoring ensures an appropriate and quick response. Either from a security professional or yourself. Which could reduce outlay through crime prevention, which can also have a knock-on effect on cost saving with your insurance company?

With external monitoring remember there is always an automatic response when an alarm or camera is triggered, that is their sole responsibility to respond. Verification is a solution we did not have many years ago, confirmation of an event two or more detectors being triggered. Visual verification actual snapshots or footage of a perpetrator in action.

Your security system is protecting one of your largest purchases, your property. Would it not be wise to invest in the right form of security and get value for money?


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Alarm Systems

  1. Alarm Receiving Centre – manned monitoring. Two-way speech with your property, if cameras fitted visual verification as well – the conclusion of reporting an event, is a tailored response to your requirements. Contacting keyholders etc.
  2. Add-on communications – text and speech to existing bells only systems. Two-way speech with your property.
  3. Dedicated control panel – speech, texts and visual verification if cameras fitted.
  4. Smartphone App – notifications, if camera fitted pictures as well.
  5. Emails – notifications, if cameras fitted pictures as well.

What are you being notified/alerted of?

Intruder, Fire, Set & Unset, HUA (personal attack), Water leaks, System & Detector or Sounder Tampers. Technical problems such as low battery and mains failure

Zone description (i.e. Lounge), of one or more detectors, can be the notification giving you a better knowledge of what is going on at your property. The time and date of the event

Many more could be added to this list, but these are the main notifications.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

  1. Alarms Receiving Centre – manned monitoring, Physical electronic detection required (passive infrared detector). Two-way speech with your property. The conclusion of reporting an event is a tailored response to your requirements.
  2. The ever-valuable Hard Drive – self-viewing
  3. Smartphone App – Notification – self-viewing
  4. Emails – self-viewing

What are you being notified/alerted of?

The event is of the view(s). Hard drive failure, scene change, masking of a camera. Again, more could be listed.

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