28th January 2020 – Hikvision – ColorVu Technology

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Hikvision has been blacklisted by the American Government among other Chinese companies, accusing them of being implicated in human rights violations against Muslim minorities in the country’s far-western region of Xinjiang.

Bloomberg reported “The Trump administration is concerned about their role in helping Beijing repress minority Uighurs in China’s west… There’s concern also that Hikvision’s cameras, which come with facial-recognition capabilities, could be employed in espionage”.

However Hikvision are maintaining a place in the market place with ColorVu night colour view cameras, admittedly this has a built in floodlight, when it gets really dark (0 Lux) it illuminate the view of the camera ensuring the cameras electronics do not detect a low light level and switch to black and white, however they are built to stay colour in night view, the illumination is just an added assurance.

A colour view at night-time give more information of the subject view, detecting the colour of clothing worn etc.
In darkness with conventional cameras there is the lack of detail in a black and white picture. Colour details can be important when identifying a culprit early on, after an event.

Hence ColorVu is a welcome addition to the armoury of CCTV equipment for challenges that are common to security system users.

Hikvision ColorVu specifies two breakthroughs in technology HIGH PERFORMANCE SENSORS which combined with ADVANCED LENSES (F1.0 super aperture) and the added supplementary light that only comes on at 0 Lux (Very Dark Views) to ensure colour picture.

The systems come in an option of
IP Network camera & Network Video Recorder or HD Turbo camera & Digital Video Recorder
2- or 4-megapixel cameras either bullet or turret (Network)
2- or 5-megapixel cameras either bullet or turret (Turbo HD)

These systems are wired and can be installed in residential, small business, car parks and almost anywhere you can think of.

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