Newsletter 28th November 2021 – Scantronic Updates

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This month we will have a look at improvements implemented by Scantronic.


New control panel software version 7.01.09 feature rich software mostly for the installer but a few for the end user, including Notifications of engineer on & off site = Accountability in the cloud. Scantronic has always had technical notifications such as when your internet connection is disconnected and reconnection, which some manufacturers do not as default notify you of this.


Network connectivity – unreliable networks are addressed.

Unreliable networks have been investigated and improvements have been considered in the new panel software.


Notification of open & close on individual zones ie perimeter.

Detector (a zone) can now send APP notifications of activity, useful for sensitive areas or perimeter detectors. This operates when the system is disarmed (unset).


New revised mobile APP SecureConnect™  – Appearance & Layout, view zone status and omit zones.


App Version & Sidebar Views


Home Screen & Zone Status & Panels, Views, Part Set System


Scantronic have partnered with (Father company) Eaton to develop this latest version of the mobile APP. And with Eaton comes the wealth and experience of a Billion+ dollar turnover company.

Eaton have also taken advantage of Google’s design aesthetics to represent any partition as a card, making it easier to determine its status and simplifying control.

Partition System View


Alongside being able to omit selected zones, setting options are more straightforward than before. Circumnavigating between app screens is also now easier thanks to added support for swiping gestures to move between a panel home page, zones, logs and outputs.

Google Assistant & Alexa Control

And if you did not already know you can use Google Assist or Alexa to arm your system. (Full or Part Arm (Set)). NOTE, Disarming (UNSET) is not allowed using this method. Remember this is not a silent setting option as the APP is not.



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