Elite Newsletter 28th January 2019 – Videcon’s Deep Learning Video Analytics

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Videcon has increased the reliability of video analytics within a none standalone unit, that is the detection of people, animals and vehicles within there video analytics. It is available on all Lite, Professional and Elite Concept Pro, Network or Digital Video Recorders

It’s a step up from Motion Detection which will reassure the end user of the presence of an intruder, human or animal or if some has illegally parked within your boundary. And not just a swaying tree, bush or even some large bit of litter being blown across the view of the camera. Accuracy is the goal that Videcon has set for themselves, with 97% accuracy in their DLVA Deep Learning Analytics. This has also been worked into their traditional Video Analytics.

For this to work you will require cameras that have the capability (license) for DLVA. However, for VA you make be able to use your existing cameras.

What is standard Motion Detection? Basically, it is the change in any part of a cameras view, and with normal motion detection that can be the wind blowing a flower, or a shadow. It still constitutes as movement.  

DLVA will individually detect a;

  1. Human
  2. Car
  3. Bus
  4. Bike
  5. Animal

Available Analytics include

  1. Line crossing one direction or bi directional
  2. Area Intrusion (entry or exit)
  3. Removed object
  4. Loitering Detection
  5. Enter and stop
  6. Object counter (can be used in conjunction with other rules)

How does it do it, well the algorithm has been worked on with consultation with the many over the space of years, Research & Development developed the unique calibration mode to enable the accuracy to every camera view.

It has the ability for object removal from the view as well as loitering, before a notification is sent out. Notifications can be of many forms.

Of course, it has an APP that will open a still image. If you tap on the image it will open the connection to the NVR in playback mode.

Systems are Onvif 2.6 compliant.

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