Newsletter 28th January 2021 – Scantronic NEW i-on 10 Wired Control Panel

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Scantronic have released the baby of the i-on family of control panels. The i-on 10, a ten-zone panel, capable of being operated by 10 user codes, with the customary time and date stamp to identify who did what and when. And an event log so you can look back 250 events.

i-on10-K and i-on10-KP – both bring i-on programming and flexibility to smaller, domestic applications, replacing their long-standing Scantronic 9651 control panels.

This wired control panel is competent of Part Set mode programming, One FULL Set (all detectors) and three-Part Sets, (only detectors programmed to part set (B) (C) or (D) will activate an alarm condition (Sirens ON etc)).

EN50131 compliance a Grade 2 system to satisfy your insurance company that you have a system that meets current standards.

It can be programmed and with the aid of additional equipment can signal an Alarm Receiving Centre.

HUA (hold up alarm) dedicated keys are built into the keypad allowing for triggering the alarm into full sounders in case of a panic situation.

It can be operated from up to 4 wired keypads. Using either a code or proximity tag.

It can also have a maximum 7amphere battery to sustain the system during a power cut for the minimum requirement of a grade 2 system of 12 hours.


All this at a very competitive price for control panel and one keypad, a very good update control panel for those Grade 1 residential systems.


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