Newsletter 28th October 2019 – Scantronic New Wired Control Panels & RAS (KEY-RAS)


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This month Eaton – Scantronic have added to their library of WIRED control panels that are APP compatible. These panels are actually Hybrid panels as wireless devices can be added to them. We also have the latest news on the imminent Remote Arming Station (KEY-RAS).

These products carry the reliability which is known of the Scantronic brand – Well tested – User friendly.

Scantronic i-on G2 SM + Remote keypad

1) Compliance EN50131 PD6662:2017
2) The G2 complies with Grade 2 system legislation
3) It has 10 on-board zones, expandable to 50 zones wired or wireless.
4) Number of users 50
5) Number of partitions 5
6) Number of part sets per partition 3
7) Time and date Event Log size 1,500
8) Number of bus devices 20
9) Firmware update SD card or Cloud
10) Power supply 1A

Scantronic i-on G3 MM + remote keypad

1) Compliance EN50131 PD6662:2017
2) The G3 complies with Grade 2 or 3 system legislation
3) It has 10 on-board zones, expandable to 200 zones wired or wireless. However, to maintain the G3 level then it would all be wired.
4) Number of users 200
5) Number of partitions 20
6) Number of part sets per partition 3
7) Time and date Event Log size 3,000
8) Number of bus devices 50
9) Firmware update SD card or Cloud
10) Power supply 2A

Both these panels have an Ethernet port and software for connecting to the Eaton SecureConnect APP and cloud. The port can either be hardwired or a WiFi dongle can be utilised.

Eaton SecureConnect APP has NO subscription charge


The G2-SM & G3-MM control panels can have the following products added to tailor the system to your requirements and style.
• KEY-K01 Wired keypad,
• KEY-KP01 Wired keypad with built-in proximity reader,
• KEY-KPZ01 Wired keypad with built-in proximity reader and 2 zone inputs,
• KEY-RKPZ-KIT 2-way radio keypad and base station
• KEY-RKPZ 2-way radio keypad
• KEY-FKPZ-BK Flush mount keypad – piano black finish
• KEY-FKPZ-SC Flush mount keypad – satin chrome finish
• KEY-FKPZ-WH Flush mount keypad – bright white finish
• i-KP01 Wired keypad with large display and built in proximity reader


• Expanders EXP-W10 10 zone wired expander
• EXP-R10 10 zone radio expander
• EXP-R30 30 zone radio expander
• EXP-PSU 3 Amp 10 zone intelligent powered expander in large metal housing

• PSTN speech dialler and ARC communicator
• COM-SD-GSM GSM speech dialler and ARC communicator
• COM-DATA-4G 4G data communicator for connection to SecureConnect™ Cloud and data ARC communications

Remote Arming Station – KEY-RAS Keypad

On the left (NEW COMING) KEY-RAS on the right existing KEY-RKPZ keypad

KEY RAS – Remote Arming Station will be the next addition to the Scantronic library of keypads.

• Four LEDs show setting status
• Quick set and Unset
• Built in proximity reader
• Two-way mode provides audible feedback on setting & unsetting
• This keypad is fully wireless, or you can power it wired with 12 volts.
• Size 128mm(h) x 128mm(w) x 35mm(d)

It is compatible with the following control panels
One-way mode or two-way mode (only software V5.02.44 or above)

I-on Compact I-on Style

One-way mode only

I-on 16 I-on 30 EX/EXUR I-on 40 /EUR I-on 50 /EUR
I-on 160 /EUR Menvier 30KPZ Menvier 40KPZ Menvier 100KPZ
Menvier 300KPZ Multibus  i-on 30R /EUR i-on 40H /EUR





Your old control panel has served you for probably the last 20 to 30 years, is it about time to get the convenience of an up-to-date security panel that will give you notifications of the time the kids go to school, activations of an intruder or personal attack etc and just general peace of mind as to what going on at home or work.

Keypads nowadays have onboard panic buttons (hold up alarm button) but did you know you can have a panic button anywhere in the property, in the main bedroom for instance. Your alarm system is not just to protect the property when your away, it will protect you when you’re in the property.

These panels software can be updated over the years to also keep them current.

Special Offer

Upgrade Price APP included
i-on G2 SM 10- 50 zones small metal panel & keypad, installed from £453.58

i-on G3 MM 10-200 zones medium metal panel & keypad £POA

i-on G3LM 10- 400 zones large metal panel & keypad £POA

Installed price as a replacement to your existing control panel and keypad
(Contact for a free survey and quotation)
For a quotation contact us at EMAIL or Telephone: 07949 265153

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