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I will be taking you through the progression of Scantronic. At the end there is our usual promotion which is systems installation price available up to 31st December 2018, also as a celebration of 30 years of Elite Security Systems in the security industry. Established August 1988.

Scantronic History

Scantronic Limited was formed in the late 1970s early 1980s.One of the owners ofModern Alarms had originally started the company and it was an amalgamation of security groups. Tunstall Menvier who also made intruder control panels acquired Scantronic.

Cooper Industries (Cooper Security) bought Scantronic and Menvier around 1994.

Eaton Corporation purchased Cooper Industries in about 2013.

As Scantronic records show they are a sought-after company.

Scantronic is a brand name of intruder control panels and peripheral’s that has been on the market for over 40 years, also leading the way with wireless intruder systems from the 1980s.

Scantronic latest intruder control panel – Scantronic i-on 40H

The Scantronic i-on 40H intruder control panel is a hybrid panel, capable of wired and wireless detectors, keypads and sounders. It is suitable for upgrading of existing systems that want APP capability or just more functionality with their system.

It has the capability to be programmed when setting up the system for Part Set or Partitions Set Modes.

Part set is where you have part of the system on and part of the system off i.e. upstairs off and downstairs on, or any combination of detectors on or off whatever suits you or Full Set where the property is empty. It has four levels of part set that can be programmed. A set, B set, C set & D set.

i-on 40 Panel and Keypad
Wireless Keypad

Partitions is where you have for example you have a main house and an annex both buildings controlled by the one control panel and each building has a keypad. Again, they can have 1 Part Set and 1 Full Set but work as complete and independent systems.

Ease of use

Panels are easy for the end user to operate, using a pin code, a proximity tags, a keyfob or a smartphone. And manuals are well written.

Software Upgrades

Software upgrades are easy and few but crucially valuable to keeping the cyber security built in the DNA of the 2nd Generation panels.

Eaton SecureConnect APP for your smartphones and tablets Android or iOS. (No yearly subscription) is for set and unset, notifications of the status and alerts from your system there are other forms of signalling available, or a combination of the many.

Visual verification

Connect Eaton security cameras to any of the 2nd Generation of panels to provide an additional layer of security. Capturing images locally and view through App or email.

There really is so much you can do with the 2nd generation control panels.

  Additional functions coming soon

  • Live viewing of cameras
  • Home automation
  • 2019 will be an exciting year for Scantronic, that’s all I can say for now ?

November Promotion – Scantronic i-on Compact wireless system

This promotional price is for a 20-mile radius of Luton, Bedfordshire. A mileage charge will apply

For greater distances. And subject to a FREE survey.

WEBSITE:  http://www.elite-security-systems.co.uk                 TELEPHONE:  07949 265153

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