Elite Newsletter 28th October 2018 – DSC Intruder System

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Elite was privy to attend a training course on equipment at Johnson Control at the beginning of October 2018.

Johnson Control Ltd is a global company who recently merged with Tyco and bought a majority share in the Tyco, Tyco is known for one of their subsidiaries ADT 

We can take over most ADT systems and offer you less expensive monitoring contracts, on average Elite security systems will save you two thirds yearly on servicing and every three years that will rise to save you 50%.

One of their products is the Powerseries NEO control panel, remote keypads, detection equipment, and signaling equipment

The equipment is very user-friendly and covers the standards of EN 50131 and BS8243 and PD 6662.

Signaling methods are external sounders, IP, GSM, and PSTN.

Control Panels  include  HS2064, 8 zones onboard expandable to 64 zones.

                                           HS2128, 8 zones onboard expandable to 128 zones.

For wireless devices, a Host Transceiver is required either separate or within a keypad.

KEYPAD CODING              HS2 = NEO

                 LCD = Liquid crystal display

                 RF = Wireless Transceiver (Host)

                 W = Wireless

                 P = Proximity receiver

The NEO keypads give you the option of a user-friendly touch keypad which doubles as a photo frame to be a covert intruder keypad.


Keypads =            Wired 

HS2LCDP = LCD + Proximity


HS2TCHP = 7 INCH Hardwired Touchscreen Keypad with Prox Support

HS2LCDPRF9 = LCD + Proximity + Transceiver

Keypad                 Wireless

HS2LCDWFPV9 = LCD + Proximity + Transceiver + Voice


  •   Panel zones = 64 or 128
  •  Keyfobs = 32 max
  •  Keypads = 16 max
  •  User Codes = 1000
  •  Partitions = 8
  •   Wireless Sirens = 16max
  •   Event Log = 1000
  •   Built-in PSTN (phone line connection)
  •   Optional GSM or LAN communication
  •   Visual Verification Central Station and Neo Go APP
  •   Hardwired or wireless Devices
  •   Power G wireless technology = 2-way communication
  •   Radio Frequency Hopping technology to prevent jamming of device and control panel communications. Will alert User and Central Station of the event of trying to Jam.

Touchscreen 7” keypad HS2TCHP, an SD card can be inserted and used as a picture frame.

Keypads should be wired in CAT 5 cable.


NEO Go APP works with iOS and Android, not with windows. With visual verification, which consists of 10 still shots that are meshed into a 10-second video. Resolution 320×480.


Battery life on devices vary from 2 years for the vanishing contact (because of its size and available batteries to power it. To passive infrared detectors, battery life said to be 7 years. These figures are manufacturers and based on the system being set/unset twice a day.

Devices of which there are plenty, Hardwired or Wireless.

  •   Magnetic Contact
  •   Shock Vibration Detectors
  •   Flood Detectors
  •   Passive Infrared Detectors
  •   Passive Infrared Detectors with integrated Camera (resolution 320×480 and with night vision)
  •   Outdoor Passive infrared detectors with or without camera.
  •   Dual Technology Detector combined passive infrared and microwave sensors.
  •   Smoke Detectors
  •   Smoke and Heat Detectors
  •   Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors
  •   Remote Keyfobs
  •   Proximity Tags

 DSC Iotega Panel coming out January 2019 as NEO  system PLUS home automation and IP Cameras

 Promotion 4th Quarter Ends 31st December 2018 – Wireless intruder alarm system.

·         Scantronic i-on Compact control panel

·         3x Passive infrared Detectors

·         1x Magnetic contact

·         Live SAB Siren

·         Dummy Siren

·         Smartphone APP connected

·         Installed price £575.00    (Subject to FREE survey)

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