Elite Newsletter 28th August 2018 – Connectivity & Analytics

Newsletter 28th August 2018


We conducted some tests on some equipment, this is what we found out.

1)     Interoperability of connecting CCTV equipment between manufacturers

2)     Interoperability of connecting IP Cameras and a Scantronic 2nd generation intruder control panel


1) To connect a SPRO digital video recorder to various manufacturer IP cameras.

2) To connect a Scantronic 2nd Generation intruder alarm to various manufacturer IP cameras.


1) Wired and Wireless connections were made. Onvif setting was used to allow viewing and functionality. (for more information on ONVIF refer to 28th July 2018 Newsletter)

2) Wired and wireless connections were made. Onvif settings were enabled.


1)Was able to enable the main functions such as viewing, motion detection, digital zoom, record.

2) Although the control panel accepted the presence of a camera on the system, viewing pictures from other manufacturers cameras was not possible.


1) Although most functionality of the DVR was able to be exhibited with most of the other manufacturers cameras, not 100% compatible functionality was observed. Example snapshots will not work.

2) Inconclusive, deeper knowledge than a level 3 B-tech in IP protocol required, as the manufacturers say it is possible but will only give support on their own equipment. Possible further IT knowledge could explain this. We will continue to investigate. And let you know of further results in later newsletters.

A London Borough deploys unattended CCTV enforcement cameras


Unattended CCTV cameras were introduced to the borough of Wandsworth as part of the shared parking service’s drive to improve operational efficiency and achieve cost savings.

They had various trials demonstrated which proofed to the assistant head that unattended cameras would be justified in terms of productivity, cost effectiveness and compliance. Deploying these additional camera assets for enforcement applications will be a cost-effective investment for civil traffic management, says the Assistant head of Shared Parking Services for Richmond and Wandsworth.

The platform used is an intelligent digital software platform, which can also support other types of community safety and traffic management applications.



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